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noun: origin; plural noun: origins
something from which anything arises or is derived; source; fountainhead: to follow a stream

Perfect Origins… A New You. A Perfect You. A New Beginning. Our mission is to help you on your journey to find the origin of your suffering; be it from weight issues, lack of energy, chronic conditions, or even your vitality.

There are 2 types of people in life

Those who THRIVE; living life to it’s fullest, feeling happy and energetic. At night, they sleep like a baby.

And those who SURVIVE; Living day to day, tired, sluggish, and depressed. The feeling that something is holding them back is always there.

Which one are you?

The Perfect Origins Team is here to help get to the ROOT cause of your health problems. Each team member takes a certification test so that they are knowledgeable about our products, and mission.

Our goal is to educate with health information and provide science based supplements that will help you THRIVE in life. NOT just survive through masking of symptoms.

We are sick and tired of you feeling sick, NOT losing weight, NOT having energy and suffering on a daily basis with conditions that affect your every decision.

We are here to offer hope, researched supplementation, and honest information that can put you on the path to a healthier, happier, sexier body and life.

our guarantee

Perfect Origins wants you to be completely and perfectly satisfied, and that is why we offer a 60-day money back guarantee on our product. Now don't get me wrong, we'd love to know why you didn't like it, but only if you are willing to tell us. Otherwise, it's 100% satisfaction guaranteed return. No questions asked.

We just ask you to return the unused portion of the product or the empty bottle.

Featured Nutritional Supplements

LivLean Formula #1

  • Support liver health & detoxification*
  • Supports a healthy metabolism*
  • Immune function support*
  • Supports healthy, normal blood sugar levels*

Perfect Omega TG

  • Supports liver & thyroid function*
  • Supports a healthy metabolism*
  • Promotes heart and cholesterol health*
  • Helps with joint stiffness & swelling*
  • Helps to improve mood and emotional state*


  • Inhibits Growth Of Bad Bacteria*
  • Helps Repair Intestinal Damage Caused By Gluten*
  • Aids The Breakdown & Removal Of Harmful Toxins*
  • Helps Stop Bloating, Supports Better Digestion*
  • Contains 12 extremely unique probiotic strains*


  • Weight loss hormonal support*
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels*
  • Assists proper energy levels*
  • Supports healthy cholesterol and blood pressure*

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I am down 4 inches in my waist and 2 inches in my hips and I'm seeing parts of my abs that I haven't seen since I was 15 years old! The best part for me is I'm not losing muscle size or shape. I still look fit and strong, now I just look REALLY LEAN, fit and strong. *Disclaimer: Results are not typical.
I was able to lose 17lbs in a month! He also taught me good vs bad foods for my liver, the do's and don'ts when dieting, and how to finally make this a lasting change in my life, not a diet, but a way of living! *Disclaimer: Results are not typical.
LivLean has really helped me to get rid of that little extra stubborn belly fat that I had that just wouldn't go away. The pills were easy to swallow, and the program that Dr Charles gave with it was awesome. *Disclaimer: Results are not typical.

about us

Dr. Charles Livingston

A little bit about myself. I'm a board certified Chiropractic Physician, certified Wellness Practitioner, certified Advanced Nutritionist, Public Speaker, and best selling author.

I have received my Doctorate of Chiropractic, graduating with honors, from the world-renowned Palmer College of Chiropractic, and have studied a variety of healing techniques and spent thousands of hours researching nutrition and weight loss.

I was also one of the first people to receive the C.C.W.P. (Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner) from the International Chiropractors Association. Training with anesthesiologists and pain management specialists, and have received my certification in Manipulation Under Anesthesia, having worked in surgical centers performing this procedure.