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Whole Body Vibration Therapy was invented by Russian Cosmonauts in the 1960s and is currently being used by Universities and Professional Sports Teams. Researchers support that WBV:

  • Aids in Detoxification and Removal of Wastes from the Body*
  • May accelerate Weight Loss and Strengthens/Tones Muscles*
  • May decrease Chronic Pain and Inflammation*
  • May stimulate Healthier Brain Activity*
  • May improve Posture, Range of Motion, and Bone Density*


Motor: 1Z4 HP motor at 1,725 rpm, 30 Hz frequency, Amplitude: 4mmm, Mechanical Timer Switch Size: 24“ x 24“x 9“, Shipping Weight: 93lbs (42.18kg) Unit Weight: 63lbs (28.58kg) 120 V, 5.1 A

Suggested Use:

1 time per day for 15 minutes or as directed by physician


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Features & Benefits

4 Reasons Whole Body Vibration Therapy Can Change the Way You Look and Feel

Are you trying to lose weight? Do you suffer from chronic aches and pains? Would you like to strengthen your muscles and immune system? Did you know that there are exercise machines that do nothing but vibrate and yet they can change the way your body looks and feels?

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Therapy machines were invented in the 60’s and were originally used by agencies such as NASA. With the increase in obesity, chronic painful conditions, and a general desire to feel younger longer, it has been recently that their health benefits for everyone have been a focus. Our Live Vibe is an innovative way to “shake” your way to a better body and better health. There isn’t another piece of exercise equipment out there that will give you the same results with a time investment of just 15 minutes a day. Here are four reasons Live Vibe is a must have:

Detoxify and Boost Your Immune System

Reason #1

Detoxify and Boost Your Immune System

The Live Vibe can help detoxify your body and give your immune system a powerful boost. WBV Therapy stimulates the lymphatic system to remove excess fluids from body tissues, absorb fatty acids, transport fat to the circulatory system, and produce immune cells such as lymphocytes, monocytes, and antibody-producing plasma cells. All of these cells are important pieces of your immune system’s overall functionality so with less of the bad cells and more of the good ones, your body becomes healthier.

WBV also prompts intestinal movement that speeds digestion and loosens waste material for release. The Live Vibe will help trigger your endocrine system to release serotonin into your GI tract where it helps to regulate intestinal movements. Its impact on the circulatory system helps mobilize and flush toxins from the entire body.

Dampen Chronic Pain and Inflammation

Reason #2

Dampen Chronic Pain and Inflammation

You may have heard of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) in the news when it has been misused by athletes or perhaps when you or a loved one became pregnant. Naturally produced HGH is very helpful to the body. It is secreted in larger amounts as we go through puberty or pregnancy and throughout our life it promotes calcium retention and mineralization of bones. Bones with more calcium and minerals are prone to less aches and pains because they are stronger and denser. Live Vibe stimulates the body to naturally create more HGH.

The Live Vibe also helps to improve your blood flow, which is essential for the repair of your body. It allows oxygen to be dispersed through your system at a faster rate. This allows your body to better fight pain and inflammation as it reduces your body’s need to use inflammation as self-protection. Inflammation is your body’s natural healing response. Think about a time you banged your elbow on a door or counter. It gets red and swollen as it begins the healing process. Without inflammation, our wounds would never heal! Inflammation however, can cause more inflammation. This increases the amount of pain that you feel. Using the Live Vibe once a day can reduce inflammation and therefore pain.

Are you familiar with cortisol? If you have a busy life, then your body may be very familiar with cortisol. It is the stress hormone and functions to give your body energy during a stressful situation. This is only meant to be used for a short period of time as cortisol inhibits the body’s inflammatory response which is essential for the healing process. Regular use of the Live Vibe has been shown to reduce cortisol.

Accelerate Weight Los

Reason #3

Accelerate Weight Loss

The Live Vibe helps to take your body out of a stressful state. How? Well, we need to talk about cortisol again. If you are stressed, your body prepares you by using the fight or flight response. While this is good in the short term, we tend to keep our bodies in a stressful state because of the lifestyles we now all live. If you remain under stress for too long, it has a number of bad side effects one of them being the accumulation of fat. One of the reactions of the body to the Live Vibe is to create reduced cortisol.

The Live Vibe also stimulates your endocrine system which stimulates your body to produce more epinephrine and HGH. Epinephrine has a number of benefits for your body, one of them being lipolysis. Lipolysis is the process that your body uses to break down fats. The more epinephrine that you produce, the faster you will burn that stubborn fat away.

The same thing goes for HGH which also promotes lipolysis. So, the more HGH you naturally have in your system, the faster the fat will melt away! HGH also increases protein synthesis which helps to tone your muscles.

Stimulate Healthy Brain Activity

Reason #4

Stimulate Healthy Brain Activity

Whole Body Vibration causes your endocrine system to secrete serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of happiness when interacting with certain regions of your brain. The Live Vibe also prompts your body to release endorphins that make you feel good. Serotonin and endorphins - talk about Good Vibrations!

Epinephrine is another neurotransmitter that is also secreted when using the Live Vibe. It helps the brain to regulate blood pressure and this helps to improve all over better blood pressure. Neurotrophins are another natural chemical released when using the Live Vibe. This group of proteins stimulates neuronal function in the central nervous system. More neurotrophins means improved brain function. Epinephrine also improves your cardiovascular function, by allowing more oxygen to be distributed throughout your body. This means more oxygen for your brain. Did you know that your brain uses more oxygen than any other part of your body? The more oxygen that you can get to your brain the better it will function!

Specifications & Research

Size = 24” X 24” X 9”

Weight = 63 lbs.

Shipping Weight = 93 lbs.

Made in USA

Mechanical Timer Switch

Fixed Frequency = 30 Hz

Voltage = 120 V

Amps = 5.1 A

Motion = Up and Down; 4 MM peak to peak; Adjustable

G Force = 0.2 to 0.3 (depending on body weight)

Handles or Support Bars = None

Maximum Person Weight = 300 lbs.


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Q: Does whole body vibration really help with muscle strength?

A: Yes, studies have shown that whole body vibration does have these effects if used properly. It also has been shown to improve muscle tone and endurance.

Q: Does whole body vibration really increase levels of HGH?

A: Yes, whole body vibration does increase HGH. It causes the body to react by increasing the levels of HGH in the body as well as a number of other beneficial hormones.

Q: How does whole body vibration boost immune function?

A: Whole body vibration reduces cortisol levels in your body as well as promoting the endocrine system to secrete hormones that boost immune function and help detox your body.

Q: Can whole body vibration really help improve my posture?

A: Yes, in fact it does more than that. Whole body vibration can help correct cervical curvature, reduce scoliosis, improve balance, increase range of motion, and improve coordination.

Q: How does whole body vibration aide in fat loss?

A: It helps to accelerate the process. Whole body vibration causes your body to secrete hormones that promote lipolysis. This is the process the body uses to burn fat.

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All of the Live Vibe’s other parts are covered for the lifetime of the product if they are found to be defective. This includes the frame, top plate, and feet.

PLEASE NOTE – the Live Vibe must be returned to the manufacturer in Texas for repair. Contact Perfect Origins for details. If possible, the Live Vibe should be returned in the original shipping containers.