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  • Helps with proper absorption of calcium into your bones*
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In a world full of obesity, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and cancer, it’s somewhat overwhelming to know we all suffer from something much more common and as potentially debilitating.

In fact, up to 90 percent of adults in the US suffer from this.

Vitamin D deficiency.

Those most at risk of Vitamin D deficiency are those with darker skin tones and who live in areas of the world that receive less exposure to the sun. Children and adults who are overweight are also more likely to have low levels of Vitamin D, People who work indoors or cover their skin when going outside are also at a greater risk of deficiency.

The problem is that Vitamin D is strongly correlated with a higher risk of developing chronic diseases such as cancer, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, hypertension and various infections.

Let’s take a look at why YOU should start supplementing with Vitamin D as soon as possible.

You’re Probably Not Getting Enough

Reason #1

You’re Probably Not Getting Enough

As a fat-soluble vitamin, Vitamin D is stored in both the liver and fatty tissue of your body. If you’re overweight, you higher levels of fatty tissue may actually cause Vitamin D to be stored rather than used by the body.

Our body makes Vitamin D by using cholesterol to convert sunshine into “previtamin D”. This creates Vitamin D3, the biologically active substance that our body can then use. Vitamin D is particularly needed as a precursor to a steroid hormone that has a variety of roles in our skeletal structure, blood pressure, immune system, mood, brain function and antioxidant protection.

To get enough vitamin D each day, most experts recommend spending at least 10-15 minutes in direct sunlight without wearing sunscreen. Those with darker skin tones will need longer.

Of course, we can’t all spend time in the sun each day! The seasons, our location, our job and time restraints prevent most of us from getting enough sun to allow for Vitamin D conversion.

Your Bones Need It

Reason #2

Your Bones Need It

Vitamin D is crucial for the proper absorption of calcium into your bones. When vitamin D is converted, it becomes cholecalciferol, which works with the parathyroid hormone to support calcium levels. Vitamin D is also required by other vital nutrients in the body that contribute to good health, such as phosphorus and vitamin K.

Vitamin D plays a role in maintaining healthy levels of phosphorus in the bloodstream, as well as allowing calcium to bind to proteins.

Being low in Vitamin D may also put you at risk of osteomalacia, a condition in which bones become softer. Osteoporosis is another risk, in which bones become more porous due to low levels of calcium reabsorption. You may be prone to more fractures and broken bones. This very important mineral is needed to maintain bone density, along with other minerals.

Research shows that supplementing with just 800-5000 IU/day can boost musculoskeletal health, as well as slowing age-related degradation of the bones. It can also help to reduce the incidence of fractures in adults over 65. Low vitamin D can also lead to an overactive parathyroid, which in turn reduces the body’s stores of phosphorus.

It Balances Blood Sugar and Reduces The Risk of Diabetes

Reason #3

It Balances Blood Sugar and Reduces The Risk of Diabetes

Poor insulin levels or inadequate insulin secretion is the precursor to insulin resistance, which eventually leads to type 2 diabetes. However, studies now suggest that because calcium is required for insulin secretion, vitamin D supplementation may help to maintain insulin levels.

It appears that taking a quality vitamin D supplement can increase insulin sensitivity which helps to reduce blood sugar levels, thus reducing the risk factors for type 2 diabetes. Vitamin D may also help to manage blood sugar in those already diagnosed with both type 1 and type diabetes. As as added bonus, vitamin D also can help reduce inflammation.

Some studies have found that young people who have higher vitamin D levels were able to reduce their chances of developing type 2 diabetes later in life compared to people who had lower vitamin D levels. There’s also evidence that vitamin D supplements can help some symptoms of type 2 diabetes. .

It Boosts the Immune System

Reason #4

It Boosts the Immune System

One of the most important functions of vitamin D is its ability to support the replication of healthy immune cells. It’s also believed that vitamin D plays a role in not only protecting you against common infections such as colds and flu, and autoimmune diseases as well.

The vitamin D receptor is expressed on our immune cells, which then can create the active form of vitamin D that the body can absorb. This means that vitamin D can modulate both the innate and adaptive immune system, helping to protect the body from infection. Deficiency in vitamin D has been linked to increases susceptibility to autoimmune diseases and other infections.

It’s also important to note that a leading cause of many illnesses is inflammation. In fact, inflammation is at the root of numerous chronic conditions such s autoimmune disorders, IBS, digestive dysfunction, cardiovascular disease and more. Vitamin D has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, allowing it to prevent chronic or excessive inflammation in the body.

Should You Be Taking Vitamin D3?

If you’re a busy person, or you work indoors, or you simply don’t spend a lot of time in the sun, you’re highly likely to be low in vitamin D. In fact, if you’re a human being living in modern society, you should be taking vitamin D!

Perfect Origins Prime D3 isn’t just another health product. It’s a powerful formula based on scientific research designed to restore your vitamin D levels as fast as possible.

Prime D3 is superior to other vitamin D products because it:

Delivers a potent 5000 IU dose

Contains the most bioavailable form of D3 for optimal absorption

Includes organic coconut oil for the fastest possible uptake in the body

Is entirely backed by scientific research

Stop wasting your money on low-dose, ineffective products. Your brain, heart, bones and entire immune system NEEDS Prime D3: the fastest route back to good health!

Ingredients & Research

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)

The two forms of vitamin D are D2 and D3. And there’s a big difference between the two!

D2 is also known as “vegetarian” D2, because it can be made from yeast and other molds.

Our body naturally makes its own vitamin D - cholecalciferol, or D3.

Now, although our body is able to use D2, it has to break it down first. D3, on the other hand, is already converted into a usable form - so the body can benefit from it much more effectively.

Unfortunately, many supplements or health products contain D2 (aka ergocalciferol). It sounds fancy - but it’s not actually much use to your body.

Prime D3 contains only vitamin D3, or cholecalciferol. This is the vitamin D that’s chemically indistinguishable from the form of vitamin D made in your body. It’s the form closest to what sunlight naturally produces in our bodies when chemicals work to convert UV light.

In fact, vitamin D3 is thought to convert up to 500 times faster than vitamin D2. It’s also believed to be 4 times more effective in our body than D2!

High doses of D3 can prevent falls and fractures in aged adults by improving bone strength and muscle support.

D3 may be an effective treatment to correct vitamin D levels in patients with chronic kidney disease.

D3 plays a role in maintaining healthy blood pressure and preventing artery damage

Raising D3 serum levels may help prevent cancers of the colon, breast, ovaries, renal system, pancreas, and prostate and other systems.

D3 helps boost immune system function in fighting common infections such as colds and flu, but also diabetes, multiple sclerosis and tuberculosis.

D3 helps to regulate mood and behaviour by supporting synthesis of serotonin in the brain

Organic Coconut Oil

To maximise the efficacy of D3, our Prime D3 formula harnesses the power of organic coconut oil . As one of the world’s healthiest sources of saturated fat, coconut oil’s unique medium-chain fatty acids are metabolised almost immediately when absorbed by the body. This means the vitamin D3 is absorbed almost immediately as well!

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means it’s absorbed with other lipids in the gut. TAking vitamin D3 with fats such as coconut oil stimulates the release of bile acids to speed up lipid absorption

Absorption of Vitamin D is much more efficient when taken with coconut oil as compared to other supplements that use lactose powders, cellulose powders or ethanol.

Medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil also help the body produce ketones, which are used as ‘fuel’ for the brain and body.

Because the brain is largely made up of fat (up to 60 percent, in fact!) the special fatty acids in coconut oil are also vital for nourishing cell membranes and protecting neurons from degeneration.

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Q: How old do you have to be to use this product?

A: This is made for adults 18 and over. Children under 18 should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement.

Q: I have a medical condition should I use this?

A: Individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement.

Q: Can I use this if I am pregnant or nursing?

A: Before you use this product if you are pregnant or nursing please discuss with your physician to be sure that you are able to take this or any other dietary supplement.

Q: Allergen Warning

A: Contains Fish (Snapper), Egg. Contains no added milk, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts or soy. Made on equipment that may also process these ingredients..


Q: How do I store the product?

A: Store at room temperature, in a dry place.

Q: Is Vitamin D3 guaranteed and what is the guarantee?

A: Yes, we give you a 60-day money back guarantee. You must be happy guarantee or we'll issue you a full refund. We don't want you to have any reason not to try Vitamin D3.

Q: How can I contact someone by phone?

A: Customer Care Specialists can be reached at 1-800-815-6073.

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