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*Disclaimer: The results below are not typical. The results observed are not associated with the effects of Livlean Formula #1 alone. You will only get results with this product if you combine it with a healthy diet and exercise program. Results may vary from individual to individual. This statement has not been evaluated by any government organization.

Christina F.

Christina F. Verified buyer

Napa valley, CA

Last May I was 220 pounds. On Mother's Day weekend I began experiencing some frightening signs of heart attack: heavy weight on chest, numbness in hands and fingers, difficulty breathing... and it scared me off the couch and onto the Internet...

Richard B.

Richard B. Verified buyer

Indianapolis, IN

“LivLean Formula #1 has changed my life. I have lost 70 lbs since May of 2015 and am trying to lose another 30 lbs for a total of 100 lbs. I am so much more of a happier person now that I have gotten to a healthier place in my life. It has not only helped me at home, but also professionally with my job.“

Bryndon Preston

Bryndon Preston Verified buyer

Carmel, IN

I just wanted to take a moment to share with you my experience using LivLean Formula #1. I had gained extra weight over the last year and was concerned because my clothes were getting tight and uncomfortable to wear. At my heaviest I weighed 182 lbs and my jeans that had fit great for the last 12 years were now tight and most of my dress pants were really tight.

I talked to my doctor and he said that because of stress and poor eating choices I may have had a negative impact on my liver. He recommended that I start taking a supplement that would help support liver function, make better eating choices and exercise. I was already eating decent and was pretty active physically, but had not addressed the issue with my liver. So I thought I’d try to take better care of myself and see how things went.

I did my research online and talked to several friends who were in the healthcare field and they recommended a product called Liv Lean Formula #1. I started taking the product and making the lifestyle choices my doctor had recommended.

My results surprised me quite a bit!! . I didn’t need to change my activity level and my waistline kept SHRINKING!!! I am down 4 inches in my waist and 2 inches in my hips and I’m seeing parts of my abs that I haven’t seen since I was 15 years old! The best part for me is I’m not losing muscle size or shape. I still look fit and strong, now I just look REALLY LEAN, fit and strong. I’m including my before and after pictures, and I’m definitely recommending LivLean to anyone reading this!

Jen Gaskill

Jen Gaskill Verified buyer

Carmel, IN

Life changing is the best way to describe my experience with Dr Charles and his program. I never knew it was possible to see the kind of results I have experienced from following the principles Dr Charles outlined. I had nothing to lose and when approached to try the program, I was a bit skeptical. I honestly didn't believe in myself or the fact that I was strong, determined, and had the ability to persevere. (I tried participating in another commercially popular program and did not see the results I wanted and wasn't satisfied with the lack of nutritional information I learned from the program.)

Dr Charles and his liver detox has empowered me emotionally, given me the tools necessary to address my emotional connection to food, educated me about what is best for my body and how it works most efficiently. For the first time in my life I feel confident in my abilities to control what I eat, develop my physical attributes, feel beautiful and appreciate my body and my physical capabilities, and know I can accomplish my goals. I feel optimistic about myself and what I can accomplish. I am thrilled to be losing significant weight and inches, but what I didn't realize is following this program has changed my outlook on life, my practice and habits, and what I believe is possible.

The liver detox is simply a way to jumpstart the metabolism, break my emotional connection to food, and clean out stored toxins in my body. I have lost over 40 pounds, in 4 months, lost 7 inches off of my waist, 6 inches off of my hips, 6 inches off of each thigh, 3 inches off of each arm and went from a size 24 to a size 14 in just under 4 months! I am in the process of losing a total of 100. Through setting mini goals, and seeing the results, I believe this is possible. Thank you for giving me my life back Dr. Charles

Julissa Lopez

Julissa Lopez Verified buyer

I am very sensitive to medication, dieting products will make me dizzy or give me an upset stomach within the first month, this product has really work for me I am on my 3 month treatment now and I love it!!!!


Richard Singh

Dr. Livingston, my testimony is true. I am facing a type 2 diabetes and I am not on any medication. I am trying to avoid using medication. I tried your LiveLean formula and for the 3 months trial and I see great results. I stuck to your program and a miracle happen. My weight loss was unbelievable. Like you said, you have to follow the program before you can see results. The food that we eat will bring out what we are.

I am 60 years old man, and I don't look like my age, people believe that I am much younger. I sometimes eat bad but not at all times but I exercise a lot. I was 155 lbs, after starting your program I am now 135 lbs. I was down to 130 lbs and my family was getting worried about me losing all that weight so I put on an extra 5 lbs and that is where I stand now. I will have to do an A1C blood work to find out my sugar level which I will do sometime later.

Recently, I re ordered 6 months supply and I am encouraging my wife with half of my supply. Our liver is very important and we have to nourish and maintain it so it can keep us healthy.

I hope people can understand that miracle don't happen overnight. I always say, if you are in dire need to accomplish something you have to work to do that. Change your life style and eat right. Exercise is the key word. That's all. I thank you for bringing this wonderful program to a happier and healthier life. I am hoping that my sugar level will be normal from the blood work. Thank you Dr. Charles Livingston.


Nadia Alvarado Verified buyer

Nicaragua, C.A.

Dr Charles helped me to focus! With his liver detox, my joints stopped hurting and I was able to lose the unwanted fat that I could not lose no matter what diet I tried before. I was able to lose 17lbs in a month! He also taught me good vs bad foods for my liver, the do's and don'ts when dieting, and how to finally make this a lasting change in my life, not a diet, but a way of living! If you want to change your life this program is what you need! I'm 34 years old and feel much younger again!


Tony Fox

Doc Livingston, I am a 61 year old man, a retired firefighter living in Wyoming. I have been reading and learning from you for a little while now. Your perspective on modern life and the way medications are used today reflects my own. I have lost 30+ pounds so far using your advice and will continue to lose more until I reach my ideal weight. Thank you.

I read what you wrote in Jack Canfield’s book. I wanted to know more about you hoping to find out what makes you tick. I found it insightful and you seem to me to be authentic.

Thanks again Doc


Russ Morgan Verified buyer

I just ordered another bottle of LivLean Formula #1. I also received a bottle of LeptiBalance today. As you can see, I am convinced your products are legitimate, which makes you legitimate. I didn't set out with the goal of losing weight. However, I did. I'm going to have to start buying my pants in the boys section. I'm down to a 28" waist for the first time in over 15 years. My workouts have intensified. My energy and stamina are up... way up. My honest opinion is that your products, (I'm using 3 of them) are worth the money. Your program of food choices was difficult for me. I reviewed it with my medical doctor, and she felt that my food choices were appropriate, and was hesitant to change them in view of the numbers and kinds of meds I'm taking. I did discover that your program and my food choices were, in part, similar, and so I can tell you that your products and program make sound physiological sense, to me.

Thank-you, Dr. Livingston. I am finally glad I found someone on the 'net who is stand up, ethical, and reliable. Again, I wish you and your young company the very best. May you continue to use your intelligence and drive to help others. You're an unusual guy, swimming in waters made murky by unethical cons and quacks. For very good reasons, that makes me happy.


Della Greer

I have been taking Livlean for almost a month and I have lost 5 pounds and I feel very good. The vitamins and herbs in LivLean must be exactly what my body needed because I no longer have certain cravings. I also feel more energetic and clear-headed. I have reduced toxins such as wine/alcohol, chocolate, sweets, cookies, donuts and other carbs. I feel full after oatmeal in the morning with fruit and don't need to eat anything until 2pm, then it's a power bar or a handful of nuts or a scoop of cottage cheese, or an egg. Then I eat my supper early ( 5pm and no more food after 6pm.

I do agree that I had to reduce the bad toxins and this is why I feel better and have lost weight. But the supplement is worthwhile to me as I needed the B vitamins and the alpha Lipoic acid. So all is good. Will order another month's soon. Thanks for a great product.


Darla Smith

I was hesitant to try yet another weight loss program but after reading how important the liver is to any weight loss program, I decided to try LivLean Formula #1. I just finished my first bottle and have been pleased with the results. I can honestly say it works! It worked because Dr. Livingston takes time to provide useful information in emails about the best foods to eat and those to avoid and the reason why they should be avoided. As a result, after one month of taking LivLean Formula #1, I have more energy, my joints no longer ache, I'm exercising, eating healthy and have lost 14 pounds! I'm well on my way to achieving my ultimate weight loss goal of 24 pounds. Thank you for helping me understand the importance of the liver in weight management!


Elizabeth Taylor Verified buyer

I love how much better I feel. I have lost 20 pounds since September 2014 which is good for me since holidays are big problems for my weight. The biggest difference is my blood test results which shows my liver is functioning at normal levels again instead of elevated levels.


Pat Juvingo

I watched the Livlean Formula #1 video on the site for Perfect Origins. I thought I should try it because it sounded like everything that he was describing in the video was happening to me. I had the bloating along with sluggish and untimely bowel movements. Plus, my nails were always brittle and breaking. Those were just a few on a long list of many.

I have been taking Livlean Formula #1 for about 60 days now and am happy to see positive results. The bloating in my stomach has gone down which makes me feel more comfortable physically. Each day I now have consistency and regularity when I use the bathroom, which is a relief in many ways, and my nails are the best they have ever looked!

The product…has helped me tremendously.

Thank you Perfect Origins.


Victoria Brunson

I have been taking the LivLean # 1 formula as well as your LeptiBalance for almost a month now. I have completely stopped having hot flashes. I have stopped having yeast infections. My skin tone is becoming "even." My husband says "thank you" too because my sex drive is stronger than ever before. I have not been constipated in a month (can you see me doing the happy dance). I am still working out and making better choices of the foods to eat (but needing to work in this department). I have completely given up white sugar and drink only water now (with the occasional glass of wine...bad I know but it is only one glass at a time). I am focusing on a lot more "greens" and vegetables as well as fruit in my diet. Not perfect but one day at a time.

Thank you


Paula Carlin Verified buyer

Yes, I am very impressed with the LivLean formula and your fat burning system. I am 67 years old and have been a yo yo dieter more years than I like to admit. I really like all the information you provide. I luckily have never been more than 15 lbs over my goal weight however, I haven't been able to get down to 107 my ideal weight for the last 8 to 10 years. Well I am now at 107 and so very excited to be there. I started your program July 18th. Today I started taking your Perfect Balance. I am just so happy to have your fat burning system and want to learn each day to make it my lifestyle. I read and reread the book frequently to have it be a constant reminder of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. I can't thank you enough. Sincerely Paula Carlin


Karen Percy Verified buyer

I LOVE this product. I try to have a clean diet with exercise as it is, so adding this to my regimen was a perfect match. I bought some for a client and my boyfriend. I wish I could afford to take it every month. The few times I wanted to eat something "fun" and outside of my healthy diet, I felt like I was totally cleaned out and it didn't matter that I ate it!!! Love this prod!!!


Kae L Kirkendall Verified buyer



Trisha Deterville Verified buyer

After using LivLean formula for four weeks I could see a difference in my stomach. Not bloated and feel lean. My bowel movement is more frequent and I'm so happy about that. I would recommend LivLean formula to anyone who would like to see a change in their stomach.


Julissa Lopez Verified buyer

I am very sensitive to medication, dieting products will make me dizzy or give me an upset stomach within the first month, this product has really work for me I am on my 3 month treatment now and I love it!!!!


Gary Johnson

Thank You DR. Charles Livingston , did not know about white sugar, good info. Been exercising, dieting, and taking LivLean Formula for four months and lost 20 lbs, Thanks again.


Pastor Rob Tier Verified buyer

I have been taking LivLean for almost a month now. As I can see some change in weight loss, I will say that it seems like a very slow process. Such as life I guess. I will say that my cravings have changed and that I'm feeling full for most of the time and it appears I have a bit more energy than before I began this journey. Thanks LivLean for what I hope is a fresh start. Humbly Grateful, Rob T.


Linda Channell Verified buyer

I have noticed that my digestion problems are completely gone and I go to the bathroom like clockwork, about 20 minutes after I eat, I eliminate. My stomach even looks flatter. I don't ever want to be without my LivLean Formula. I keep it in the kitchen and take a LivLean capsule just before every meal...


Silvers Timothy Verified buyer

So far I'm impressed with results I have lost over 10 pounds and I feel good! I am going to continue taking Livlean and expect nothing but positive results! I would highly recommend to others if you want to look and feel great!


Patricia Wood Verified buyer

Working fine but only on plan for 2nd week. I feel like some weight may be coming off but I do have more energy. Goal is to lose the fat. I am not really overweight but do have more fat than is necessary so after week one seems better but giving the plan a month to see what happens then. It has given me some new perspectives on how to keep weight down and fasting is a totally new concept for me that I am working on to help with energy and weight control. I appreciate the recipes that help make those vegetables taste better and are healthy.


Ronald Clevenger Verified buyer

I'm 56 years old and have always been active in exercise. After high school, have always been a member of a gym. Power lifted for probably 5 years (no competition). When I turned 50, I started doing P90x and have been doing this ever since. All thru my working out days, I always allowed my workouts to include an ab workout but never really saw much in that department. The last 2 years I have done a lot of reading on the things I eat and have flipped a 180 on eating better. Along with taking Livlean for that period as well. Livlean, eating healthy and the P90X ab workout have finally given me what I had always been trying to achieve. I still do throw a day or two of cheat eating in there but it's totally made a difference!


John Clark Verified buyer

LivLean is a great high-quality product it’s helping me transform my 50 year old body to look and feel like 40. I am currently in the middle of my fourth month of taking LivLean and third month of Perfect Omega. I have lost 15 pounds. The biggest thing I notice is my metabolism is working properly and burning off fat around my abdomen. I will submit before and after pictures to you after the sixth month. Thanks ! John Clark


Deborah Quintero Verified buyer

I have suffered from headaches since I can remember. I'm 53 years old , beginning to go through metapaus and gaining weight / feeling bloated. After about 3 days of your product and almost no breads.....I am elated over the simple fact that my everyday migraines are far and few.....compared to a past of self injected shot for relief. My night sweats have gone away also. I have told several people about your product :))) keep up the good work !!!


Svetlana HirthVerified buyer

I ordered LivLean Formula #1 about a month ago and I L-O-V-E it!! I 've been reading the Fat Burning System book and following it closely. It has been a great joy to discover some secrets. I wish I have known them earlier in my life.Thank you for sharing them ,Dr. Charles! I feel great by getting my energy back and I have lost one size ..whoo-hoo!! Thank you for the Livlean..i really need it!!


Justin Reed Verified buyer

I am feeling greater than I ever have been. Not only do I think that using LivLean is doing it's stuff but I also think it's helped me change my lifestyle in general, as far as my eating habits go. I have never eaten so many vegetables and fruits in my life. I have adjusted my lifestyle with LivLean and it is working out great.


Lisa Thurston Verified buyer

I love this product. This is not a pretty thing to talk about but this product has aloud me the first time in my 51 years to have a bowel movement every day instead of once a week. For that reason alone I'm in love with this product. I haven't tried the companion products yet but am now eager to do so. I'm now looking for this to help me shed some unwanted pounds.


Kimberley Heaps Verified buyer

In the three weeks I have been taking livlean formula #1, I have lost 9 lbs., and I have more energy, feel better in my stomach and in my clothes. I am pleased that the pounds are coming off slowly because then I know it will stay off. I have not eaten any carbs or unrefined sugar and do not crave them. The farmer's market has supplied my fruit and vegetables, and I eat chicken, lean beef, rice and plain non-fat Greek yogurt. I walk 30 min. at least 3 times a week and do construction with my husband on our rental house for exercise. I hope to lose 10 more pounds gradually.


Chris Yarosz Verified buyer

So far I believe it's had beneficial effects on my overall good health. I was able to thwart off the flu from several co-workers that were very sick. I did not get sick at all. Thanks to a very good product and I will continue to use it for a long time! Chris Y.


Sally Lopezz Verified buyer

What worked for me two years ago {running, boot camp, eating right) was not working for me now. At 51 and going through menopause, LivLean Formula #1 combined with my healthy, workout lifestyle has been helping me reduce the "meno-pot" belly.


Kathy Borucki Verified buyer

I have been taking LivLean Formula #1 since December 8, 2014 and find that I not only feel better, but I have finally lost the weight that I've been trying to lose for years. Thank you! Kathy


Christie Rhoden Verified buyer

I have not had a full 30 days on the product as of yet, but do notice that I am more regular, I seem to be losing some weight in areas that are problems without additional exercise as of yet. I have had a few minor side effects of fatigue, sleeplessness, and dehydration so I haven't added to my exercise regimen yet, but feel change happening. Hoping that it continues and after 30-60 days I will see noticeable change.


Ashley Houterloot Verified buyer

I am about 3 weeks into using the LivLean Formula #1. Before it arrived, I had already started to make dietary changes. Upon its' arrival, I found myself in a funk and didn't make it to the gym for two weeks. In the first two weeks I lost almost 4 pounds. I am doing the lemon water concoction most mornings as well. I am happy with slow and steady weight loss and plan on keeping it off. I'm hoping that over the next 4-6 weeks, I will continue to see gradual results!


Paul Vickery Verified buyer

Am very pleased with livlean, have lost five pounds this past month, and have more energy. I will continue to take livlean for six more months and am looking forward to a good weight loss.


Mimi Maddock Verified buyer

I have been taking LivLean and following your advice about nutrition. For the first time in my life, my stomach is going down and I have lost 8 pounds with ease. Thank you for your help. MMM


Wilna Colvin Verified buyer

I have a lot of good things happening. The swelling in my ankles is gone and so are the dark shadows on my cheeks.. All due to some of the medications I'm on. But the clear face is a very happy thing for me.. My nails are doing super along with my hair.. I have also been taking a few things to help my skin and hair.. I think LivLean is responsible for all the other vitamins I'm taking to work properly.. Plus I'm losing weight properly as well. Thanks Perfect Origins, and Dr. Charles Livingston.


Valarie Huber Verified buyer

I was unsure if this product would really work, but OMG it really does! I'm only on my first week and I already lost 4 lbs. I work out and eat smarter and just take LivLean twice a day. That's it. I am so glad I saw the video. Who knew.


Suzanne Payne Verified buyer

I really feel better when I take it. I have arthritis and maybe it's the tumeric in it, but my joints don't hurt as much. I think it has helped a little with my weight too. This combination of ingredients is hard to find and it's high quality as well.


Vanessa Stokes Verified buyer

I have only been taking the vitamins for about two weeks now, and even though I have not seen any significant weight loss, I have noticed a difference in how my body functions. I feel so much better from the inside out, and know that the vitamins are the source! I know that the weight loss will come with time, but for now, I am enjoying how I feel and know that my overall health is so much better thanks to LivLean!


Denise Wolf Verified buyer

I'm starting my 3rd week and have lost 6 to 7 lbs. That's more than I have seen for a while. I follow the food list that I printed off for the most part. Of course I love cheat day, also I feel it keeps me on track through the week. Thank you!


Tracy Cole Verified buyer

I've only been using Liv Lean less than a month but seems to give me more energy. I'm a type 1 diabetic so any little boost is a plus, it seems to help curve my appetite. I will continue to use Liv Lean.


Krista Brock Verified buyer

The whole point of this pill is to take it while eating healthy. In 5 days I have lost 4 pounds! I'm off to a great start! Thank you! I just wish it were a little cheaper but hey you get what you pay for and this is a great vitamin!


Cam De Klaver Verified buyer

Had actually been using a liver cleanse product recommended by my doctor and realized LivLean has the exact same ingredients in the exact same dosages. I am very pleased with your product and, if for some reason had to drop any of the fitness supplements I take, LivLean would be the last one I would give up.


Jim Rein Verified buyer

I was frustrated at first I wasn't seeing results. I trusted the product and with in three months I started seeing results and feeling better. The product just needed to get in my system. Now it is a part of my daily supplement and I couldn't be happier.


Art Arbuckle Verified buyer

Great stuff. Really worked for me. Fat seemed to melt off after a month of use. I didn't really eat less food, just changed some of the foods I ate according the guidelines prescribed.


Olivia Ho Verified buyer

It's been 25 days exactly that I've been taking this supplement, I feel like I have more energy almost like the energy I used to have a few years ago.


Harold Compere Verified buyer

It's great so far!


Sandra Russell Verified buyer

I seem to have a lot more energy now since taking the Formula #1.


Alan Thorne Verified buyer

I have noticed much better digestion system performance as well as improved energy - not too mention losing over 20 pounds.


Marta Gonzalez Verified buyer

I have definitely felt a big improvement in my energy level and am also experiencing better mental clarity: just feel much better all the way around!


Kim Buss Verified buyer

All products that I have purchased have been outstanding in my quest to beat type 2 diabetes as well as get my health on track. My doctor is amazed at how fast I got my blood sugars down so quickly. Thank you very much. Kim Buss


Scott Condreay Verified buyer

What I have found is the feeling of being full sooner than usual at the dinner table, and I don't feel the urge to snack between meals. This has been helpful with no desire to snack. I have also lost the desire or urge to get that coffee in the morning. I can substitute something much more healthy.


Mike Dieterich Verified buyer

Below 10% body with this diet and working out


Barbara Boucher

I wanted to update you on my weight loss. I lost 5.5 lbs this week and am up to 19lbs gone. Thank you for being there for advice and support.

Thank you


Al Diller Verified buyer

I have more energy since I changed my diet and started LivLean and I have lost five lbs the first month.


Denise Jones Verified buyer

I like it. I have lost five pounds so far. Thank you so much for a great product.


Martha Steed Verified buyer

Made me feel great!!


Mark Baker Verified buyer

Lost 40 lbs


Mariah Mcglynn Verified buyer

I love the LivLean formula! I have lost weight, gained energy, and have an overall feeling of wellness.


Rex Crider Verified buyer



George Yates Verified buyer

I like the product very much


Sandra Cano Verified buyer

REALLY works!!!!! Have not felt this great in a long time


Amy Depew Verified buyer

I like the way I feel taking LivLean Formula #1.


Jane Morton Verified buyer

I am not new to cleansing. I was looking for a product that would work slowly over a period of time rather than doing a more drastic type cleanse. This formula is doing that for me.


Donald Wheelhouse Verified buyer

Works. I lost 7lbs


Terri Laymance Verified buyer

I have been using LivLean for almost a month and can tell a difference in how I feel and act. I look forward to seeing all the benefits LivLean has to offer!


Teresa Eklof Verified buyer

I chose the slower plan to lose weight and I have been happy with the results. So far I have lost 4 inches everywhere. I still have about 6 inches to go but I am plugging away!


Phillip Rice Verified buyer

The product delivered results as promised. I would recommend it to anyone trying to lose weight.


Phillip Romar Verified buyer

My name is Phillip Romar and I love this stuff so much. It works. I advise that everybody who wants to lose weight, to listen to everything that Dr. Charles Livingston is saying.


KKellie Hickey Verified buyer



Tawna La Nasa Verified buyer

Fat is melting away! :)


John Mcfadden Verified buyer

I have lost weight, but need to continue with my exercise routine. My liver continues to progress positively


Erin Hellyer Verified buyer

Great products!


Danielle Soetaert Verified buyer

Felt so much better this month using this formula.


Constant Piscollo Verified buyer

Good product already see the différence.


Courtney Sugdinis Verified buyer

I love this stuff!


Jessica Chambers Verified buyer

Seems to be working! Noticed dramatic weight loss. With the exceptions of changed diet, and exercising!


Shelly Shaw Verified buyer

Very helpful


KVanessa Lopez Verified buyer

I love it!!!! I lost 16 pounds with the assistance of Dr. Charles. Thank you!!


Robin Casilla Verified buyer

Thank you for this product..I'm having great success so far, only been on the program 3 weeks but still feeling good and looking better!


Tara Lund Verified buyer

I'm just getting started with the livlean formula but I appreciated all the information.


Pamela Spea Verified buyer

Love this product. Ingredients are great!


Theresa Gallagher Verified buyer

It works great but I forget to take it twice a day. A once a day pill would be better.


Sanath Kumar Guruswamy

My Blood Sugar level has dropped within 2 weeks of taking LivLean Formula #1


Lori Brown Verified buyer

I really like the product, I only started it a week, and it makes me feel great.


James Robinson Verified buyer

My company recommended this product.


Lynne Dyer Verified buyer

Great! Did not follow diet plan but noticed results in the first week.


Thomas Herbert Verified buyer



Kevin Howlett Verified buyer

LivLean is an awesome supplement for cleansing the liver and helping your metabolism.


S.ann Brown Verified buyer

I feel better. Slowly losing weight.


Bridgie Brelsford Verified buyer

Haven't been using it for long but so far I've lost some weight and my bladder control has improved.


Brian Walker Verified buyer

This product is not ordinary. But extraordinary. I really like it and it's given me the motivation to make other lifestyle changes.


Anne Marie Whelan Verified buyer

I have only been using it for about 12 days, but so far I like what I see.


Lonna Pierce Verified buyer

Just started livlean and I feel great.


Marion Betz Verified buyer

Well, just started about a week ago and have lost 2 lbs.


Dominick J Corsoe Verified buyer

Lost 14 pounds and my numbers for my liver have returned to normal in six months.


Judy Barringer Verified buyer

I've lost 23 lbs in 3 months.


Dominic Maggiore Verified buyer

It works wonders!


Gracie Hope Verified buyer

Very excited to be using the product


Martha Hulsey Verified buyer

Keeps its promises!


Mackenzie Mitchell Verified buyer

I love this product! I feel healthier more lively already after just barely a week of taking LivLean Formula #1! The book is great also, I have a good feeling about this!


Debbie Baker Verified buyer

I feel like I have more energy and I needed that. I have also begun to lose weight 3 pounds the first week.


Wanda Castelli Verified buyer

Feeling less bloated. Only been on it 2 weeks. Might give it a higher rating when I am on it longer.


Barbara Swanson Verified buyer

I am just getting started, so I do not have much to say other than I am following the recommended dose. I have seen a small difference with my bloating. I am grateful for that.


Jacki Vandervoort Verified buyer

I have not had much opportunity to use it but when I take it ... I feel better


Mary Munoz Verified buyer

So very glad I decided to purchase LivLean Formula. It's made a tremendous difference in my life!


Scott Beccue Verified buyer

I have already lost 5 pounds using this product. It makes you feel a lot better and your more active. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to lose weight and feel better.


Peggy Beagle Verified buyer

Thank you for the information on the three bad foods in such a positive, easy-to-understand format.


Rosa Moody Verified buyer

Lost 4lbs and I just started taking it a week and half ago! I have been eating healthy but not exercising.


Karen Cromack Verified buyer

It works and does help burn the fat! Key catalyst to any successful weight loss and health improvement regimen.


Christine Charman Verified buyer

So far I have more energy and a flatter belly... the diet tips or eating tips have to be part of it, too, though.


June Lopez Verified buyer

Not feeling as bloated, since taking livlean.


Becky Popek Verified buyer

The formula is soft on the stomach and leaves my stomach with a flat appearance.


Richarda Feldten Verified buyer

I feel that my digestive system is working better. Blood sugar seems to be more controlled.


Chuck Coffey Verified buyer

I've been taking the product for 2 weeks and trying to follow a diet high in alkaline foods. I have lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks.


Scott Schroller Verified buyer

I feel healthier and I ordered a 6 month supply and plan on taking all of it. Thanks!


Naomi Potes Verified buyer

I love this product! So far, it's working for me! Highly recommended & will definitely purchase more


Juan Fontanez Verified buyer



Edna Counterman Verified buyer

So far I am losing weight and inches and I am still able to do my workout routines at the gym.


Randall Light Verified buyer

Seems to be having the intended effect of reducing liver fat.


Hector Romero Verified buyer

It’s helping a lot thanks


Karrin Lindow Verified buyer

I really like this product. I take it regularly and I notice a big difference. I don't feel as poofy as I used to.


Lauren Fountain Verified buyer

I love this product it makes me feel so much more energized and I've lost weight!


Louise Cohan Verified buyer

It has helped me to lose weight.


Trevor Hodnett Verified buyer

In a short period of time you notice changes to your body as a whole.


Corey Freeman Verified buyer

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